About Victory


Welcome to Victory University!  As you join our college community, I want you to be prepared to receive an abundance of gifts.  Included are the gifts of knowledge, the love of learning, self-confidence and the ability to meet challenges and achieve excellence. These gifts will last you a lifetime.

While at Victory, I am certain you will have a rewarding collegiate experience and discover opportunities to grow both academically and personally. The opportunity to acquire an education is both a right and a privilege.  As with all such arrangements, it necessitates a corresponding obligation and responsibility on the part of the recipient.

As president, my priorities are to Victory’s educational mission and to ensuring that the University’s forward momentum continues.  As such, I focus on meeting the expectations and opportunities placed before me in a manner that will result in a positive outcome.

The minister at my church in Hampton, Virginia often spoke of seeking to let his efforts be guided by more of God’s vision and less of his.  I try to keep this idea in mind as I work, and I hope you will do the same as you engage in your studies and, later, as you launch your career.

During your time at Victory, I encourage you to develop a clear, focused sense of what you would like to achieve.  This University is here to help you as you determine where you would like to go and what you would like to do.  Please use this educational opportunity wisely by seeking to meet the standards of excellence that will be expected of you here at Victory.  I am thankful to God for the opportunity to lead this fine institution and believe our collective effort will yield God’s continued blessings for Victory University.


Shirley Robinson Pippins

2012 Victory University Commencement by Dr. Shirley Robinson Pippins