Course Syllabi

The following is a full list of undergraduate courses on offer at Victory for students with syllabi attached.

BT-1010 Syllabus Invitation to Christian Theology

BT-1110 Syllabus Invitation to the Old Testament

BT-2000 Syllabus Christian World and Life View

BT-2100 Syllabus Invitation to the New Testament

BT-2240 Syllabus Pastoral Ministry

BT-3313 Syllabus Poetic and Wisdom Literature

BT-3503 Syllabus Homiletics

BU-1200 Syllabus Personal Finance

BU-2183 Syllabus Principles of Microeconomics

BU-2233 Syllabus Business Communications

BU-2263 Syllabus Managerial Accounting

BU-2293 Syllabus Macroeconomics

BU-3023 Syllabus Business Statistics

BU-3133 Syllabus Principles of Marketing

BU-3232 Syllabus Business Ethics

BU-3320 Syllabus Principles of Advertising and Promotions

BU-3513 Syllabus Topics in Business

BU-4103 Syllabus Organizational Behavior

BU-4193 Syllabus Business Strategy

CJ-1003VU Syllabus Introduction to Criminal Justice

CJ-2003VU Syllabus Introduction to Courts and Criminal Law

COUN-501VU Syllabus Counseling Through the Life Span

ED-1013 Syllabus Information Technology

ED-3003-16 Syllabus Educational Psychology Online, 16-weeks

ED-3273 Syllabus Special Student Populations

ED-3301 Syllabus Introduction to English Language Learners

EN-1102VU Syllabus Counseling Through the Life-Span

EN-1202VU Syllabus English Composition II

EN-2012VU Syllabus Themes of World Literature

GS-1103VU Syllabus Biological Science with Lab

HS-1113VU Syllabus World Civilization I

HS-1203VU Syllabus World Civilizations II

HS-1213VU Syllabus Speech

HU-2301VU Syllabus Interdisciplinary Arts

HU-2500VU Syllabus Cultural Worldview

LE-0102VU Syllabus Basic Grammar and Mechanics

LE-0112-16 Syllabus English Grammar and Writing Online, 16-weeks

LE-0114-16 Syllabus Basic Mathematics Online, 16-weeks

MA-2044VU Syllabus College Algebra

PS-1100 Syllabus

PS-1302 Syllabus

PS-2203 Syllabus

PS-2223-16 Syllabus

PS-4213 Syllabus

SS-2201VU Syllabus

VU-1100VU Syllabus Foundations for Christian Learning

VU-2100VU Syllabus Faith and Learning