Graduate Admissions

Step 1: Student calls the Admissions Department to inquire about the MS in Professional Counseling program and/or fills out a Graduate Studies application online; Student submits it to the Victory Admissions Department for admission to the University.

Step 2: Student fills out an application for admission to the MS Professional Counseling Graduate Program; student submits evidence of meeting the pre-requisites for program admission as listed in the graduate catalog including:

  1. Completed Online Graduate Application or Download Hardcopy Graduate Application
  2. Baccalaureate Degree and Official transcripts
  3. Prerequisite Coursework
  4. GRE or MAT Test scores
  5. 500 Word Entrance Essay
  6. Three Letters of Recommendation: Online Letter of Reference OR PDF Letter of Reference

NOTE: GRE scores are mailed directly to Dr. Holler.  Once reviewed, he brings to Admissions for entering into Datatel and confirmation as ‘official’.  Score reports are then placed in official file.

Step 3: Student assumes responsibility to supply all required documentation of requirements listed in Step Two.  All documentation is submitted to C. Barney (or an assigned Enrollment Advisor).

Step 4: When Steps 1-3 are COMPLETE, the enrollment advisor coordinates the calculation of the applicant’s GPA for the last 60 hours of coursework and evaluates/verifies the applicant’s prerequisite course work via preliminary evaluation with H. Breen, Transcript Analyst.

Step 5: If the student meets the program’s minimum requirements, the student’s file is given to the Director of Admissions for admissions approval to the University only. Code PACC.

Step 6: The student is officially admitted to the University and receives a notification letter from Admissions stating that he/she has been accepted to the University (not the Counseling Program; being accepted to the University simply means that all minimum requirements have been met for candidate consideration). The letter, a New Student Checklist, and the entire contents of the file are scanned and then e-mailed to Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC). Next, the file is passed on to the Graduate Council for acceptance/denial into the Counseling Program.

Step 7: The Graduate Council convenes and reviews the student’s file. The Graduate Council determines whether or not to proceed with an interview; and finally, whether to grant or deny admission to the Counseling Program.

Step 8: If the student is accepted into the Counseling Program, he/she is scheduled for Graduate Student Orientation and receives an MS in Professional Counseling information folder that containing: deadlines for meetings with Graduate Advisor, list of when each course is taken throughout the program, and other pertinent information specific to the MS Program.

*The Application and Letter of Reference is available as an online form or hard copy (PDF).

Additional Information

Degree Programs
Click here to view information on the Master of Science in Professional Counseling.

Financial Aid
Click here to view information on financial aid. To complete the FAFSA visit: The Federal School Code is 009982.

Enrollment Contract
At VU every student knows in advance, the length of his/her academic program, the expected cost and how previous college work will be applied towards graduation requirements. The VU Enrollment Contract represents the partnership between the student and the University.

Transfer of Credit
Academic credits earned at one or more institutions of higher education may not transfer to another college or university as expected. Therefore, the State of Tennessee requires full disclosure of the nature or risk associated with the transfer of academic credits. See 49-7-144 Disclosure of Transferability of Credit from Chapter 7 Postsecondary and Higher Education Generally of Title 49 Education Law. Click here to view the Disclosure of Transferability of Credits.