Trinity Scholars Honors Program

Victory University’s Trinity Scholars Honors Program provides academic distinction with a purpose in a challenging education that focuses on academic excellence, an integration of faith and learning, Christian service, and an openness to the world community. Some of the benefits of the honors program include recognition and new friendships; exclusive and unique honors seminars; study abroad opportunities; community service; touring of cultural and historic sites; prominent graduation honors with special identifiers on your permanent transcript for future educational and career recognition; exclusive section of our new dormitory dedicated for VUTSHP students; and more.

To Qualify for the Trinity Scholars Honors Program:

The program is selective and competitive. Students should meet the following criteria to be considered for the TSHP:

  • Minimum high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.5. For transfer students from community colleges or other institutions, a minimum cumulative GPA is also a 3.5. For transfer students, Victory University welcomes and considers Phi Theta Kappa students to the VUTSHP program and we hope that you will move on to pursue your bachelor’s degree or master’s degree with Victory University.
  • Students must submit in an organized application packet evidence of the following:
    • Excellent ACT or SAT composite
    • Letter of recommendation from teacher, pastor, or professor
    • Impressive student resume
    • 2-3 page double-spaced essay on one of the following topics:
      a. What does it mean to be a Christian-Scholar?
      b. What does academic excellence in the liberal arts mean to you?
  • TSHP encourages all students whose record is close to these qualifications to apply. Admissions to the program looks at the whole student.


Victory University awards twenty (20) incoming honors students each year with a full four-year scholarship covering all tuition and fees, renewable for up to four academic years pending good standing in the honors program. Scholarships are competitively available to first-time students and transfer students who are members of Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society.

Students who apply by April 15th will be considered for 20 fulltime academic scholarships, which covers full tuition and fees.

Consideration for the VUTSHP Scholarships includes a final review and/or interview with University President, Director of Honors Program, and the Honors Committee.

Students not selected for a fulltime scholarship may still apply for the program regardless of scholarship status.

Students can submit their letters of recommendation, essay, and their completed scholarship application to their Enrollment Advisor in Admissions upon completion. Scholarships are extremely competitive, so don’t delay! Contact Jason Hostutler at to speak with the Director of the Honors Program, contact Dr. Jason Hostutler or to apply for the TSHP Scholarship.

To speak with an Enrollment Advisor about enrolling at Victory University, contact Admissions at 901.320.9777 or by email at