Current Students

Academic Advising

During their first semester at Victory University, students are assigned an Academic Advisor according to their current major. Advisors assist students in determining their class schedule each semester. Students must obtain their advisor‘s approval when registering for a course, adding courses to their existing enrollment, when petitioning for transient credit, when requesting a course substitution, and when applying for graduation. Assistance from advisors, however, does not relieve students of the necessity of studying both the Academic Catalog and the Student Handbook, and fulfilling all requirements therein for his/her particular degree program.

Advisors recommend that students:

*Know their Academic Catalog

Catalogs can be accessed via the University‘s website. The catalog contains graduation requirements, academic policies, degree requirements, and course descriptions. Generally speaking, a student‘s catalog year is the current catalog when a student first enrolls at the university. Be aware that graduation requirements and course offerings may change from one academic year to another.

*Know the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course

When students drop a course, they are doing so prior to or during the first week of that class period (called the add/drop period). Students are not charged for dropped classes, but are required to notify their advisor (in writing) of their desire to drop the course. Withdrawing from a course means that the add/drop period has passed and the student wishes to no longer be enrolled in a course. Unlike dropped courses, students are charged for a portion of the class they withdraw from.

*Know the Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar can be found on the University‘s website, and has all the important dates students need to know.

*Know how to access and use Webmail

Students are required to utilize their university email account in communicating with faculty and staff.

*Know that Advisors are here to help

Students should keep their Advisor‘s contact information handy, and should feel free to call, email, or make an office visit with any questions.