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Do online courses match your learning style and technical skills?

Why Select Victory Online

Victory University provides you a rigorous Christ-centered Liberal Arts education in a fast-paced Online Education (Online) environment.

So why are so many people choosing Online Education programs at Victory University?

  • Victory University Online Education meets the needs of students like you who may not be able to attend “traditional education” University programs because of distance or other time obligations.
  • Studies indicate that Online students often learn better through online course delivery. Victory courses combined critical thinking skills with technology to prepare graduates for success in careers and/or graduate school.
  • Financial savings: Save on transportation, campus housing and food costs. Also tuition is less expensive for Online courses at Victory. You can also keep your part or full time job right where you live.
  • Online at Victory allows frequent, valuable contact with your instructor, leading to a better learning environment.
  • Because Victory Online courses often involve teamwork, you will meet and correspond with students from a variety of backgrounds and locations around the country and around the world. And, because you stay in your own community, you can keep your own personal relationships.