Tarrant County College

Tarrant County College

In cooperation between the colleges, Tarrant County College and Victory University have recognized each other’s high standards of quality for education and willingness to support continued student growth. To maximize student potential and opportunities, an Articulation Agreement between the colleges strengthens the seamless transition to students from an associate’s degree to the bachelor’s degree level.

Tarrant County College graduates who meet admissions requirements at the time of transfer will be guaranteed admissions into a bachelor’s degree at Victory*. In addition, students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree, Associates of Science degree or the general education core curriculum will satisfy the general education curriculum and student will not need to repeat any lower division requirements**. Victory University may transfer up to 88 lower division community college credits into the bachelor’s degree program.

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Victory Scholarship

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Each May, Victory University will choose one Tarrant County College student who is admitted to a bachelor’s program to be awarded a full-tuition scholarship. This scholarship will cover all tuition for the remainder of a students undergraduate program.Students who graduated from Tarrant County College with a 3.0 cumulative GPA are encouraged to submit a Victory application for admission, a copy of a transcript showing proof of degree and GPA, and an essay on why he/she should be awarded the scholarship and how he/she will plan to support their community with the degree once complete. For questions about the Victory Scholarship or to submit your application materials, please contact us via email at onlineadmissions@victory.edu or call 1-855-822-2500.

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If you what to learn more about Victory University and how your Tarrant County College have already started your way towards a bachelor’s degree please contact 1-855-822-2500 so a Victory University representative can help you map out your educational career.

* Education licensure students are excluded from this allowance. In addition, transfer students must take 6 credits of Bible/Theology courses. These credits apply towards degree requirements.

**TCC graduates will go through Victory University transfer process and therefore must meet all applicable requirements and deadlines pertaining to application for admission, orientation and registration, and payment of tuition and fees. They will abide by the policies and procedures, along with any revisions thereof that apply to all students from that institution.